Hill College

Pamala Preston

Moving Forward- Pamala

Pamala Preston plans to graduate no later than the fall of 2015 with an Associate of Applied Science in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling. She chose Hill College because of its nearness to her home and the classes offered.  Pamala went back to school because people kept telling her that she has something to give to others, and also because she had a drive to continue to better herself. She also mentions the blessing of financial aid.

After she graduates, she plans to work in the drug and alcohol abuse counseling field and work towards a Bachelor's Degree. For support, Pamala credits her husband and daughter, who sacrifice every day to make it possible for her to be in school. She also credits her instructors for support, because they, "have been so good to me". Pamala said, "I am older and have not been in college in twenty years and all of my instructors have taken time and explained so much in order for me to succeed."

Pamala says she would highly recommend Hill College. "Hill College has been so great to me, from the counselors to the teachers.  I have gained so much knowledge and confidence."

When not in class, Pamala is involved with her daughter and her daughter's school and is also very active in church.