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Branding Toolkit

Writing Style

In most cases, the Hill College Marketing Department utilizes The Associated Press Stylebook when writing for news media and marketing pieces. There are times, however, when this style is deviated from for institutional purposes.

            Examples of AP Style include:

  1. Titles are only capitalized when before a name.
  2. Courtesy titles are not used.
  3. The word college and state are not capitalized if used alone.
  4. Subjects are not capitalized if not derived from proper nouns i.e. English (England), Spanish (Spain).

Logo Usage Request for Third Party

Thank you for your interest in using the Hill College logo. Before permission can be granted, please email your request including  your contact information, mediums in which you are to publish, and preferred file type to

Melissa Gibson
Design Manager

Upon approval, we will e-mail you the logo in the format you indicate below.  Until then, you should not assume that you have approval from Hill College to use the requested logo.

The Hill College Logo Usage Guidelines

The Hill College logo is the core component to the Hill College brand. In order to protect and grow the Hill College brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used to mark genuine Hill College resources and approved third-party content.  Approval for use can re requested by filling out this form. (Make this a link. Information for the form is at bottom of page). This document explains and outlines its proper use.

The Hill College Logos

The Hill College Logo consists of three parts:

  • The Star, representing the optimism in which every day should be viewed
  • The two-color field on which the star lays, representing the past and future
  • The Hill College name

The Hill College logo can be vertical or horizontal and viewed preferably in full color, according to media.

Examples of full color logo in vertical and horizontal positions with download links below for each type.

Sometimes, often due to production costs, only one color of ink is available and so the Hill College logo must be reproduced using only one color. In this scenario, the logo must be clearly distinguishable from the background color. You must honor the Hill college logo palette when possible, using black or white if necessary.

  • The bottom right side of the field, star and “HILL” are to be white with an outline, while the top left side of the field and “COLLEGE” are to be solid.
  • The only allowed single colors are the red and blue listed below in “The Hill College Color Palette” or black and white.

Hill College Logo (Print)

Download JPG

Download PDF

Download AI

Download EPS

The Hill College Color Palette

Hill College Print Colors                   CMYK BLUE - 100/73/0/2                  CMYK RED - 0/100/81/4

Hill College Web Colors                    RGB BLUE - 1/0/76                               RGB RED - 204/0/1

Optional Accent color when creating artwork to go with the Hill College logo

Hill College Print Colors                   CMYK Gold - 0/47/100/0

Hill College Web Colors                    RGB Gold - 248/153/29

Complementary Fonts

We recommend using the Myriad Pro font family as complementary fonts to the Hill College logotype.

In addition to Myriad Pro, Hill College also uses Caflish Scrip Pro as an accent font.

Hill College asks that you never do any of the following:

  • switch logo colors
  • use logo on similarly colored background
  • rearrange elements of logo
  • stray from color palette
  • stretch or distort logo