Hill College


Hill College honors faculty and staff with service awards


Annually Hill College recognizes employees for their years of service to the College in five year increments. President Dr. Pam Boehm presented the following employees with awards:

5 Years

Allan Dinsmore II, athletic trainer and instructor      

Shannon Bowen, library services assistant    

Brenda Taylor, instructor, vocational nursing

David Frederick, instructor, welding 

Dr. Anthony Ololo, instructor, physics

Robert McAvoy, program coordinator/instructor, government       

Kyle Kilgo, assistant coach, baseball  

Diann Wilcox, testing center assistant

Deloris "Rica" Acevedo, Texas Heritage Museum Collections and Programming assistant 

Danny Atchley, automotive tool room and lab assistant

Melissa Tune, human resources assistant

Aaron Warren, science lab specialist

Chad Schoen, instructor, professional nursing (RN)    

10 Years 

Aaron Baker, wellness coordinator

Kathleen Miller, instructor, history   

Jenny Corder, instructor, drama

Tommy McNutt, maintenance lead  

Brandi Boley, academic advisor/enrollment services representative

Dr. Joe Cheavens, instructor, history

Dave Laster, instructor, developmental math           

Teresa Palinkas, administrative assistant III

Scott Nalley, dean of students

Paul Vogt, program coordinator/instructor, emergency medical services professionals    

Dr. Patricia Davis, instructor, English            

15 Years 

Leigh Ebner, instructor/coach, softball         

Jerry Hudson, maintenance supervisor         

Anita Tufts, science lab specialist                  

20 Years

Deanne Rodgers, administrative assistant III            

25 Years 

Nancy Holland, executive director of community relations             

30 Years

Rose Ann Kaska, administrative assistant IV                         

40 Years

James B. Walker, instructor, developmental math   

5 years

Back row L-R: Allan Dinsmore, Shannon Bowen, Dave Frederick, Danny Atchley, Melissa Tune, Chad Schoen. Front row L-R: Kyle Kilgo, Brenda Taylor, Dr. Anthony Ololo, Diann Wilcox, Aaron Warren. Not pictured: Deloris “Rica” Acevedo and Robert McAvoy.

10 years

Back row L-R: Aaron Baker, Jenny Corder, Bradi Boley, Dave Laster, Scott Nalley, Paul Vogt. Front row L-R: Kathleen Miller, Tommy McNutt, Dr. Joe Cheavens, Dr. Patricia Davis.

15 years

L-R: Leigh Ebner, Jerry Hudson, Anita Tufts

20 years

Deanne Rodgers

25 years

Nancy Holland

30 years

Rose Ann Kaska

40 years

James Walker