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Tutoring Services

Need Extra Help?  No Problem, Tutoring is Free!

Tutoring can be an integral part of college success and is offered free of charge for all Hill College students. Upon request, students are assigned a peer tutor for each area of study in which they may need assistance. Students are required to sign a Tutoring Contract to initiate the tutoring process. In order to best serve the student, the contract requires that the student comply with specific stipulations. For example, students requesting tutoring services are expected to attend classes regularly, complete all assignments, and attend each scheduled tutoring session. Failure to comply could result in the termination of tutoring services for the remainder of the semester.

Please be aware that the tutoring services are contingent upon the availability of tutors and tutoring funds.  When we are experiencing a shortage of tutors for a given subject, a tutoring match may not be made.  When tutoring funds are exhausted, tutoring matches may not be made.

Tutoring is available for the following courses:

Anatomy and Physiology
Computer Science
Developmental Math
Developmental Writing
English as a Second Language
Information Processing
Criminal Justice
Developmental Reading

Our TRiO Tutoring Program is internationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. We strive to meet the needs of all students. If you need tutoring in subject areas not listed, or for more information, please call Vanessa Lovell, TRiO Tutor Coordinator/Learning Specialist, at (254)659-7657.

Trained Tutors provide Tutoring to non TRiO students as well

Contact Cindy McAlister in Cleburne @ 8170760-5651
Contact Jodie Stevens in Hillsboro @ 254-659-7651
Satellite locations contact your campus administrator

How to Find a Tutor

If you need assistance in any of the classes listed above, complete the application below.  Don’t wait!  The earlier you sign up for tutoring, the more time you'll have to improve your grade!

Tutor Request Application

How to Become a Tutor – Earn While You Help Others Learn!

Peer tutoring may be for you if you're a student to whom friends come for assistance on assignments.  Why not put that talent to use by becoming a peer tutor? Shortly before the Fall and Spring semesters begin, advertisements for tutor positions will be posted around campus. Please fill out the online application listed below. The requirements to become a tutor are:

  • Minimum of twelve hours of college courses completed
  • 2.5 GPA overall, 3.0 in all subject areas tutoring
  • Must be committed to a whole semester of tutoring
  • Most qualified applicants will be able to tutor in several subjects
  • Must be committed to obtaining certification from College Reading and Learning Association which requires 10 hours of training and a minimum of 25 hours of tutoring each semester.  Participants will be compensated for training sessions.
  • Attend all meetings, additional training sessions and keep up with necessary paperwork.

Tutor Employment Application

Instructor recommendation form for tutor applicant