Program Summary

The Social Science History Track major at Hill College is a program geared toward the study of the human past and its impact on the present. It includes instruction in analysis and interpretation of primary and secondary sources, as well as creating arguments from primary sources. The program also includes studies of particular time periods and the ways in which culture, individuals and their decisions, and economic and global forces shaped history. Students majoring in History learn valuable interpretive, communications, and critical thinking skills that can lead to multiple career opportunities.


Social Science Education Plan

History Degree 
Associate of Arts 
60 Credit Hours 

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History Tours 

In addition to class room and Internet courses, Hill College is proud to offer students the opportunity to experience history in a more hands on approach via history-themed trips in the summer. These trips have included a journey along the trails of the Old West, an exploration of mining communities of the Old West and, most recently, a trip to Revolutionary and Civil War Battlefields including Vicksburg, Kennesaw Mountain, Petersburg, Gettysburg, New Market, Stones River and Shiloh. The Hood’s Texas Brigade Brass Band will play at many of those fields. The students will also have a day to tour Washington D.C. and visit Ford’s Theater, where President Lincoln was shot. 

The Texas Heritage Museum 

The mission of the Texas Heritage Museum is to explore Texas and Texans during wartime and how those experiences affect us today. The museum offers exhibits from the Texas Revolution up through the Vietnam War and has an extensive collection of artifacts from the Civil War and World War II. The Texas Heritage Museum also houses the Historical Research Center, which holds one of the nation’s best collections of Civil War documents.

Drew Proctor
Program Coordinator 


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