Workplace Skills
(3 Course Program - 36 hours/$327)

This program was designed in response to employers’ most common skills needs and will provide students the basic skills they need to enter the office or business workplace environment. Students who complete all three of these classes will receive a Basic Workplace Skills program certificate. Classes may also be taken individually.



BUSG 1012. Professionalism in the Workplace (12 hours/$109) 1.2 CEUs

Students will learn how to sharpen their professional image, communicate effectively, manage their time, be a team player, and handle those problems that can otherwise make work more challenging. Resume writing and interview skills will be included.

BMGT 2006. Customer Service Skills (12 hours/$109) 1.2 CEUs

In today's service society, customer service rules! From this class, you'll not only learn what customer service means, but you will be able to identify the elements involved in the customer service process and apply problem-solving techniques to resolve both internal and external customer challenges.

ITSC 1006. Introduction to Computer Systems (12 hours/$109) 1.2 CEUs

Introduction to operating systems file creation/deletion, data entry and manipulation, automatic file execution, configuration, and directory commands. The purpose of this course is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use digital technology and become good digital citizens at school, home, and work. Among others, themes covered include information management (finding, storing, and organizing information), digital communications (email, social media, etc.), understanding and effectively using digital technology (software and devices), and digital citizenry (the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use).

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