HCGA 1001. Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden (20 hours/$171.) 2.0 CEUs

This course covers the following: selecting site, bed options, soil, composting, watering options, vegetable selection, planting times, companion planting, organic methods, good bugs, bad bugs, common diseases, and harvesting.

  • JCC - Instruction - 212

    Time: 6PM-8PM, Tuesday only
    Instructor: P. Kriener

HCGA 1001. Small Scale Gardening (8 hours/$75) 0.8 CEUs

Thinking of a fresh organic garden but your space is too small. This course will explore methods where you can grow food in a small area inside your home, porch, balcony, or small area in your yard.

Container Gardens – 2-hour Workshop – Learn how to plant and grow herb and vegetable gardens.

Microgreens – 2-hour Workshop - Microgreens are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Need little space, easy to grow and low cost to start.

Simple Hydroponics – 2-hour Workshop – Simple Hydroponic methods to grow vegetables, greens, and herbs.

Re-Grow your Kitchen Scraps – 2-hour Workshop – Instead of tossing food, turn it into continuous harvesting.

  • JCC - Instruction - 212

    Time: 6PM-8PM, Thursday only
    Instructor: P. Kriener

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