15 Students Moving Forward with Hill College

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Moving Forward- Grace add
Grace Mwakutuya
Grace Mwakutuya, or Barbino as she likes to be called, comes from a long line of Hill College alumni, who have traveled to Hillsboro, Texas from Zimbabwe, Africa, to get an education.Barbino's family began coming to Hill College back in the mid-1980's. Barbino came to get a degree in nursing. She is motivated by the importance of getting a good education, and the desire to have a bright and successful future. She chose Hill College because of her family's history of attending here. Barbino plans to graduate from Hill College and then transfer to a 4-year university to get her BSN. When asked if she would recommend Hill College to others, she replied, "Definitely, yes. Besides just getting an education, I really feel at home here at Hill College. We all treat each other as one family and with love. I would be glad to tell someone about Hill College, because I know if they need help academically, or even personally, they will definitely get help."Barbino credits her family as a "very huge support". She also says that she has received a lot of support and encouragement from her Biology instructor, Paula Curbo, and the academic advisors.In her free time, Barbino enjoys bible study, helping out at her church and playing tennis.
Moving Forward- Adrienne add


Adrienne Potts is a hard working student at Hill College. She often makes the highest grades on her tests in class. She plans to enroll in the nursing program.

Moving Forward- Cameron add

Cameron George

Cameron George is a Computer Science major working on his Associate of Applied Science degree in Networking and Communications. Cameron decided to enroll in college to be successful in his career and also to be the first person in his family to graduate from college. He chose Hill College because of the college's close location to his community. Cameron plans to graduate from Hill College and pursue further knowledge into the world of computers.

When asked if he would recommend Hill College to others, Cameron said, "Yes I would, it’s a great place to start your degree and overall I have had a very good experience with Hill College."

Cameron's biggest source of support has been his family, who are always making sure that he does his homework.

When Cameron is not attending classes at Hill, he enjoys working with computers and spending time with his family.

Moving Forward- Pamala add

Pamala Preston plans to graduate no later than the fall of 2015 with an Associate of Applied Science in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling. She chose Hill College because of its nearness to her home and the classes offered.  Pamala went back to school because people kept telling her that she has something to give to others, and also because she had a drive to continue to better herself. She also mentions the blessing of financial aid.

After she graduates, she plans to work in the drug and alcohol abuse counseling field and work towards a Bachelor's Degree. For support, Pamala credits her husband and daughter, who sacrifice every day to make it possible for her to be in school. She also credits her instructors for support, because they, "have been so good to me". Pamala said, "I am older and have not been in college in twenty years and all of my instructors have taken time and explained so much in order for me to succeed."

Pamala says she would highly recommend Hill College. "Hill College has been so great to me, from the counselors to the teachers.  I have gained so much knowledge and confidence."

When not in class, Pamala is involved with her daughter and her daughter's school and is also very active in church.

Moving Forward- Conny add

Conny Nolen

Conny Nolen is a Computer Science major at Hill College. She decided to enroll to get a better education. She chose Hill College because she can take classes close to home. Conny plans to graduate from Hill College and then transfer to a 4-year university, but is undecided about what to major in.

Conny says she would definitely recommend Hill College to anyone interested in pursuing higher education. She credits instructors Tom Sale and Dottie Love as her biggest source of support.

When she's not in class, Conny enjoys working in her shop and spending time with her horses.