Hill College


Hood’s Texas Brigade Brass Band To Tour Battlefields


The Hill College Hood’s Texas Brigade Brass Band along with other students will take a 10 day special topics history trip leaving on May 15. The course Battles, Surrenders, and Assassinations: A Learning Journey will be led by Hill College instructors Kathleen Miller (history instructor), Phillip Lowe (director of the brass ensemble), John Versluis (Texas Heritage Museum director) and Ray Roberts (environmental science instructor and driver).

The group will tour Revolutionary and Civil War Battlefields including Vicksburg, Kennesaw Mountain, Petersburg, Gettysburg, New Market, Stones River and Shiloh. The Hood’s Texas Brigade Brass Band will play at many of those fields. The students will also have a day to tour Washington D.C. and visit Ford’s Theater, where President Lincoln was shot.

The Hood’s Texas Brigade Brass Band plays authentic music from the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band, the only southern band’s music to survive the war and uses five replica over-the-shoulder instruments to give an authentic presentation of the music. Since the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band actually played on two of these battlefields, Petersburg and Gettysburg, it will be a unique opportunity for the Hill College band to reenact that band’s performance. This summer is the 150th anniversary of several of these battles which adds to the significance of this historic trip.