Hill College


Automotive Students to Get iPads


Students enrolling in automotive technology at Hill College will receive iPads, beginning with the Fall 2013 term.

The high-tech move has many advantages for the students, including giving them an iPad computer that they will keep after graduation. But the main motivation is to save students money, said Rex Parcells, vice president of instruction.

“Right now the students spend about $2,000 for books. The iPad is $578 and they pay another $90 for the license for all their books and forms online,” Parcells said. “They save all that money, and they can still wrap the cost into their financial aid package.”

Another advantage is creating a paperless workplace, where student reports and quizzes can be shared electronically with the instructor.

Current students will be given the choice of continuing with books or going to the iPad, but all first-time students will get the iPads.

“This could be the future,” Parcells said. “It’s a test program. If it works out, we will certainly consider it for other fields of study, as well.”