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Hill College Partners with City of Hillsboro for Campus Security


AbregoHILLSBORO – Hill College recently partnered with the City of Hillsboro to have a full-time police officer on the Hillsboro Campus. The officer on campus will be 10-year veteran Corporal Isreal Abrego.      

“We are excited about the partnership with the City of Hillsboro and the addition of Corporal Abrego,” Vice President of Student Services Lizza Trenkle said. “Not only will Abrego be a law enforcement presence on campus, but he will also be a valuable resource as we enhance campus safety.”

Abrego’s experience includes patrol officer, detective/corporal and a warrant officer for the Hillsboro Police Department. He also serves as the department chaplain. Abrego joins a Hill College Security staff that includes Clyde Dawson and TK Wiedemann, both of whom handle evening duties.   

“My role  is to provide safety and security for  the Hill College students, faculty, staff and visitors of the Hillsboro Campus,” Abrego said. “I’ll also be assisting the college with security assessment, and a liaison to the Hillsboro Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.”

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