Hill College


Marine Biology Course Open to Everyone


Class Includes Lectures, Labs and Field Trips

            Two trips to the Texas Gulf Coast are part of a marine biology course offered by Hill College this Fall. And for the first time the class is open to everyone. Those not enrolled at Hill College can sign up for continuing education credit.

            With the nearest sea water more than 200 miles away, this may be the best chance for North Texans to see and get their hands on sharks, stingrays and Ridley turtles. Students enrolled in the course will learn all about the marine environment through lectures, laboratories and trips to Corpus Christi and Galveston.

            “This is just a remarkable experience, and I am excited about opening it up to more people,” said Sherman Jones, biology instructor.

            Jones is particularly pleased that two of his students from last year will be entering Texas A&M-Corpus Christi this fall.

            In this hands-on course, students will develop skills in independence, field data acquisition and analysis, and report writing. Each student will have a term project such as a marine aquaria, marine invertebrate collection, environmental issues, etc.