Hill College


Hill College Enrolling for 8-Week Term


           Hill College is offering second 8-week classes for those wanting to start their college career in October. Current and new students have an opportunity to pick up classes starting October 20, when the second 8-week classes of the fall semester begin. The 8-week term is designed to give students a full semester of credit in half the time. A number of these classes are offered through the college’s career and technical program, with many of them offered online.      

           Persons interested in automotive technology can “test the waters” through the class Introduction and Theory of Automotive. It will be taught as a hybrid class, meaning that students will take the course online and will have an opportunity to come to the Snap-On training facility one night a week for face-to-face instruction.          

           “This is a great opportunity for folks to get a sense of what a career in automotive technology is all about,” said coordinator Jerry Hampton. “Those who find it to be a fit for them can start our program in the spring with one class already under their belt.”

           Other offerings during the second eight weeks include computer classes, ranging from basic to advanced. Business and Computer Applications, a course required of most areas of study at Hill and other colleges will be taught, as will Digital Media I (web design), one of the college’s more popular media applications classes. Also offered will be Programming Fundamentals and Computer Systems Forensics.

             Those looking for office administration skills have many options from which to choose, including Intro to Word Processing, Intro and Advanced Spreadsheets, Keyboarding, and Job Search Skills, which teaches many of the “soft skills” employees seek. Business Principles has also been added to the schedule, providing an introduction to the role of business in modern society and an overview of business operations.

             Some of the career and technical education classes offer the option to be taken through Community and Workforce Education, meaning that a college application does not have to be completed. The classes can later be evaluated for college credit. For more information on noncredit classes, contact Joel Vela at jvela@hillcollege.edu.

           For new students wishing to enroll in the second 8-week term, may start the enrollment process by going to  www.applytexas.org. For questions, email Enrollment Management at enrollmentinfo@hillcollege.edu. For a full list of classes, persons can go to www.hillcollege.edu, select Students and then select Class Schedules.