Hill College


Winter Break Allows Time To Complete a College Course at Hill College


College students coming home for the holidays can break the long winter-break doldrums by taking a class online through Hill College. Offerings include classes that are required in a number of majors.

Among the popular offerings is Business Computer Applications. Others include core classes in math, science, English, social sciences and humanities. Several physical education classes are also being offered. A full list of classes can be found by going to www.hillcollege.edu, selecting Students, and then selecting Class Schedules.

The December mini semester starts Dec. 12 and runs through Jan. 2. Persons new to Hill College can visit the college website or email enrollmentinfo@hillcollege.edu. They may also visit either campus through Dec. 12, when the campuses close for the holidays. An online application is available at www.applytexas.org