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Hill College Press Publishes 48th Book


Hill College Press is pleased to announce the publication of More Texas Burial Sites of Civil War and Reconstruction Era Notables:  A Biographical and Pictorial Field Guide, a set of two hardcover volumes with dust jackets, containing more than 1,050 biographical sketches and photographs of grave sites of Confederate and Union officers and other prominent notables in Texas during the period who are buried in Texas cemeteries. 

Uniquely conceived, compiled and authored by James A. Mundie, Jr., Dean E. Letzring, and John H. Luckey as a follow up of their popular Texas Burial Sites of Civil War Notables in 2002, also published by Hill College Press, the work is the result of more than a decade of continued research, repeated visits to public and private cemeteries throughout Texas, and with input from scores of persons. The result is a highly useful alphabetized listing of names, summary sketches emphasizing their contributions, activities, and importance in the tumultuous era in which they lived. 

The work is the 48th title published by the press, a division of the Texas Heritage Museum at Hill College, and was produced with the assistance of a grant from the Summerlee Foundation of Dallas.  Edited by Dr. Earl Elam, with copy editing assistance by Delores Acevedo of the museum staff, the work is designed primarily to be a reference tool for individuals who have interest in the personalities and the subject areas with which they were involved.   It also provides a good starting place for anyone with general interest in the Civil War and Reconstruction and the final resting places of numerous men and women who were engaged in some way in the conflict and trials and tribulations of that epic period in the history of Texas and the United States.  Comprised of 705 pages, with sketches, images, appendices, bibliography, and index, the set is reasonably priced at $30.00 and may be purchased in the Gift Shop at the Texas Heritage Museum on the campus in Hillsboro.  Call 254-659-7750 or 7753 for information.