Hill College


15 Forward Program Encourages Student Success


One hundred sixty area high school students recently became members of Hill College’s elite recognition and rewards program: 15 Forward.

These students had completed 15 hours of college credit from Hill College by the end of Fall 2014 in Dual Credit programs at 19 high schools in Hill, Johnson, Bosque and Somervell counties.

“For many of our dual credit students, achieving 15 hours of college credit is something they had never imagined could happen prior to high school graduation,” said Dr. Floretta Bush, Hill College dean of career and technical education.

College should be about setting goals and celebrating milestones. That’s why Hill College created 15 Forward, the dean said.

“The program is a result of research which reveals that completing the first 15 hours of college credit, often the most difficult for students adapting to college, is a major indicator of student success,” said Bush, who facilitated the launch of the program last fall.

And now students can reach this goal while still in high school, when they are enrolled in dual credit programs with Hill College.

The 15-Forward program is a recognition and rewards initiative aimed at motivating Hill College students to stay in college and achieve measureable goals such as earning a technical certificate or completing the academic college core.  Students who earn 15 semester hours of college credit are automatically a part of the program.

“We are so glad to see the enthusiasm from our dual credit students and high school personnel about the program,” Bush said.

Incentives such as the t-shirts, membership into the Student Alumni Association, and events for on-campus students are conducted to remind students of their achievement.