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Hill College Event to Highlight Technical Careers for Women


Women may be underrepresented in many technical careers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t excel in them.

This is the message of Hill College’s upcoming Women in Technology event which will introduce participants to the fields of welding and automotive technology.

Slated for Saturday, May 16, the event will include hands-on activities actually performed on the job, as well as an overview of job opportunities and the training that Hill has available.

Technical jobs are not for everyone, but there are many reasons for women to consider them, said Dr. Floretta Bush, Hill College career and technical education dean.

“Welding and automotive technology are targeted occupations, meaning that the market demand is high and the pay is good,” she said. “And what many people don’t realize is that women are suited to them, due in part to their hand-and-eye coordination and their patience.”

Further, the training for these fields can be done quickly. Hill College offers certificates that can be completed in as little as one to two semesters, as well as associate of applied science degrees, which incorporates technical and academic classes.

            While many are turned off by the perceived work environment, Bush noted that modern welding and automotive techniques are highly specialized and include automation. Shop floors are brighter and cleaner.

Women in Technology is a “for women only” event. The day will include an overview of the two fields, hands-on exercises, and college application and career exploration information. Free lunch will be served and space is limited.

“It’s a great ‘girls day out’ opportunity,” Bush said. “Here’s your chance to don a welding hood and lay welding beads or actually operate an automotive scan tool.”

Women in Technical Education will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the college’s Snap-On facility, located at 206 N.  Wilhite.

Persons interested in attending should contact Elayne Souza at jsouza@hillcollege.edu or call 817-760-5657 by May 12 to reserve a space.