Hill College


Hill College history, science departments collaborate to host annual Symposium Series


Hill College’s science and history instructors have collaborated to put together a Fall 2015 Symposium Series that runs Tuesday through Dec. 4 at both the Hillsboro and Johnson County campuses.

Although each department has hosted symposiums at Hill College the past, this is the first time both departments have hosted a symposia at the same time.

“The purpose of the Symposium Series is to give students an opportunity to present their presentations to the public as well as to show off the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom,” Biology Instructor Sherman Jones said. “The public is very much welcome to attend this event.”

Jones said the history department will be first group featured in the symposia which lasts from Nov. 3 – 31. Students will be presenting their topics orally during class time Monday through Friday. Each student will have a separate topic based on the Civil War.

Science posters will be displayed at the Vara Martin Daniels Performing Arts Center (PAC) South in Hillsboro on Dec. 2, and again on Dec. 4 at the Johnson County Campus Student Center in Cleburne.

The Johnson County Campus presentations will all be about science.

Guests wishing to hear student works are encouraged to stop by Hill College and pick up a Symposium Series booklet of scheduled events.