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Marti Foundation awards new scholarships for Johnson County students


Thanks to a very substantial gift from the Marti Foundation, Hill College has funds to award new scholarships specifically designated for Johnson County, Texas, students who take courses from Hill College.

Through this new partnership, Hill College’s internal review committee will select the specific students to receive these new scholarships and will determine the amount of each award. The program is expected to continue for at least two academic years.

“Hill College is very pleased and appreciative of this generous donation,” Hill College President Dr. Pam Boehm said. “Through the Marti Foundation scholarships, many Johnson County students will have an opportunity to realize their college dreams.”

According to the official memorandum agreement, 80 percent of the initial gift – known as the Hill College Marti Scholarship Fund – will be used to provide scholarships to qualifying Johnson County applicants on or before July 31, 2017. The other 20 percent of the funds will go into an endowment for the sole purpose of providing future scholarships.

“We hope this new program will help a lot of students and their families,” according to Marti Foundation President Michelle S. Marti. “We’re very glad to have Hill accept this new program.”

“Dual credit students are eligible for these new scholarships, but they need to be aware of the time limits. If you plan to take any dual credit courses in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017, go to Hill’s website soon to apply for its scholarships. The deadline is May 31, just the same as for traditional students who will be attending Hill,” she said.

The Marti Foundation was created in 1988 by the late George and Jo Marti to provide educational scholarships to graduates of Johnson County schools. For Spring 2016, the Marti Foundation granted over 270 scholarships to students who are attending over fifty different schools.

“Mr. Marti was an outstanding community leader and supporter of education,” Dr. Boehm said. “He was instrumental in supporting the development of the Hill College Johnson County Campus and has served for many years on the Hill College Johnson County Advisory Committee.”

Dr. Boehm encourages all Hill College students – including dual credit students – to fill out an online Scholarship Application Form on the Hill College website, www.hillcollege.edu/students/scholarships.

The new scholarship requires that each applicant must have graduated from, or be currently attending, a high school (which may be a home school) located in Johnson County, Texas, or that the student must have worked or resided in Johnson County for at least one year.

Hill College will notify awardees by August of each academic year. Scholarship funds may only be used (1) for the student’s tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at the college, and (2) for books, supplies, and additional equipment required for courses of instruction at the college.

Award amounts may vary based on factors such as the financial need and the number of academic hours taken by each student, but will not exceed Hill College’s published cost of attendance for that academic year.