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Home of the Official Texas State Medal of Honor Memorial to Native-Born Texans

The memorial was designated as the Official Texas State Medal of Honor Memorial to Native-Born Texans.

The memorial highlights Audie Murphy from Kingston, Tex., as the most decorated soldier of WWII, and Samuel Dealey from Dallas, Tex., as the most decorated sailor of WWII as well as 54 more native-born Texans of singular courage and character.

The memorial encourages the  remembrance of men and women of boldness and bravery, whether they be soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines who, through the force of will or an unexpected twist of fate, saved their comrades from the unforgiving savagery of war or inspired them to victory through unimaginable feats of sacrifice.

John Versluis, director of the museum, said it best in his speech at the unveiling of the memorial... “America is eternally indebted to the families and friends of our servicemen who stood, and continue to stand, behind each of these heroes. It is never too late for us, individually and collectively, to say we recognize your loss, we respect your sacrifice and we thank you.”

 If  you or anyone else in your community would like to honor a loved one, the museum is holding a “Sponsor a Brick” program which allows for individuals to purchase a personalized brick to be used in the Medal of Honor Memorial. Please contact the museum at (254) 659-7750 for more information.

Galleries Collection

From the 1800s to the 1900s, Texans have played crucial roles during wartime. Come journey through time and explore the Civil War, WWI, WWII and Vietnam War galleries, collections and personal stories of native Texans.

Sit in our theater and enjoy short films such as: Texas Heritage Museum-Remembering Our Texas Heritage, The Best-Hood’s Texas Brigade, and Audie Murphy-American Soldier.

Take a stroll outside and view our Official State Medal of Honor Memorial to Native-Born Texans, featuring Audie Murphy (the most decorated soldier during WWII) and Samuel Dealey (the most decorated sailor during WWII).

Historical Research Center

The Historical Research Center is nationally recognized as a Civil War repository. Included in the Historical Research Center is an extensive collection of maps, photographic collections, microfilm and an archive that contains numerous files of soldiers’ letters, diaries and unpublished manuscripts from all Texas wars.

The center also features original art, art prints, sculptures depicting the Civil War and personal items belonging to Hill College graduate Bob Bullock during his term as Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

Civil War Research Form

Hill College Press

Hill College Press, established in 1964, publishes works of original and interpretative history that complements the mission of the museum.

To date, the press has published 40 full-length books and six monographs, several of which have won literary and historical awards. The press publishes at least one book per year on Texas in conflict and war or on other historical events of North Central Texas.