Hill College Men’s Rodeo leading the Southern Region Standings

  Hill College
  Thursday, February 15, 2018 11:09 AM

Hillsboro, TX

The Hill College men’s rodeo team is off to a great start as the spring rodeo season began this past weekend at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens. The men’s rodeo team moved into first place in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) Southern region standings after several cowboys on the men’s team earned points in every event. The Rebels racked up 560 points this weekend over rival Panola Junior College who earned 365 points. Hill College now has a 74.5 point lead with a total of 3,193.33 points followed by Panola Junior College with 3,118.83

In the bareback riding, Zach Hibler a sophomore from Wheeler, scored 79 points and placed first in the long go-round, split third and fourth in the short go-round with a score of 77 points and won first in the average, earning a total of 155 points. Cody Fedor, a freshman from Grandview, was second in the long go-round with a 75-point ride, second in the short go-round with a 78-point ride and second in the average earning 150 points. Ezkiel Mitchell a sophomore from Baytown, had a 70-point ride and split fifth and six in the long go, split sixth and seventh in the short go-round with a 71-point ride and fifth in the average earning 40 points. Tim Murphy a sophomore from Simpsonville, S.C., split eighth and ninth in the first go-round with a 61-point ride, placing fifth in the short go-round with a score of 74 points and sixth in the average earning 30 points.

In the bull riding, Mitchell also placed second with an 82-point ride in the long go-round and a 78-point ride in the short go-round, winning the average earning 160 points.

In the saddle bronc riding Jarrod Hammons, a sophomore from Stephenville, split second and third in the first go-round with a 76-point ride, first in the second go-round with a 74-point ride and won the average earning him 165 total points.

In the steer wrestling event, Tanner Fleet, a freshman from Axtell, placed third with a 7.5 second run, fourth in the second go-round with a time of 20 seconds which placed fourth in the average earning 90 total points. Preston Westphal, a sophomore from Arlington, had a 10.7 second run in the first go-round, and an 18.7 second run in the second go-round, placing fifth in the average earning 55 total points.

In the tie-down roping event, Cooper Mathews, a sophomore from Cleburne, had a time of 9.8 seconds in the first go-round and split second and third in the second go-round with an 8.3 second run placing second in the average earning 95 points. Fleet had a time of 9.6 second run placing fifth in the first go-round, but had tough luck in the second go-round but still earned 20 points.

In the team roping event, heeler Ross Ashford, a freshman from Lott, earned five points. He ropes with Texas A&M header Cole Allen Dollery.

Mitchell and Fleet placed second and third, respectively at the rodeo in the men’s all-around standings.


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