Mission Statement:

Hill College University Partners is a program created to help students successfully transfer to a four year university.

How the Partnerships Work:

If you want to take advantage of our Partnership Program while attending Hill College, you should choose and apply for one of our partner universities early. Once you have been accepted, you are now part of the Dual Admissions program where you will then have access to many of the support services at that institution such as library, gyms, student centers, and free or reduced admission to college sporting events.

For more information on these programs please contact the school you are interested in or any of the Academic Advising & Success Centers:

Hill County Campus: 254.659.7650

Johnson County Campus: 817.760.5650

Burleson Higher Education Center: 817.245.1904 or 817.245.1903

University Partners:

Grand Canyon University
Purdue University
MSU University
Sam Houston State University
Southwester Adventist
Tarleton University
Texas A&M
Texas Tech University
University of Phoenix
UTA Hill College
Walden University Hill College