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Hill College has an online scholarship application process. The application is available Feb. 1 through July 1. The application allows students to be considered for funds for the academic year following. For example, students will be able to apply on Feb. 1 for the following academic year of August to May. Students should review the requirements of each scholarship and only apply for those that they would be eligible to receive. All awards are dependent on the availability of funds.


The Work-Study program is open to all Hill College Students that qualify. The program is designed to help students find employment on campus and off campus while attending Hill College. Please review requirements before applying. Requirements for Work-Study:

  1. Student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply now!
  2. Student must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours with Hill College.
  3. Student must be in good standing academically with the Office of Student Information Services. Students that are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress will not qualify.
  4. Students must complete the online Work-Study application.
  5. Work-Study funds may allow students to work a maximum of 20 hours a week. Typical students work 14-18 hours per week.

Work-Study students currently earn $8.00 per hour. Returning Work-Study students earn $8.25 per hour. Included in the Work-Study program is the America Reads Program. Students working in this program work in the elementary schools that have contracts with Hill College. Students working in the America Reads program will earn $10 per hour. Students interested in this program will need to contact Maria "Denella" Stark or Delsa Copeland in the Office of Student Information Services.

At this time international students do not qualify for the Work-Study program.


If you need assistance please see contact information below.
Director of Student Information Services


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