Mission Statement

The mission of Student Activities is to support, stimulate, and enhance the college's educational mission. Student Activities supports student success in which students are involved and have a sense of belonging; encourages students to become leaders; offers a wide range of out of classroom instruction with organized activities that will promote student learning, development, citizenship, community involvement and recreation.

One of the goals of Student Activities is to help students make connections on campus and maximize their college experience through Student Organizations.  We have several Student Organizations to choose from and if there's not one for you, you can create one! Becoming a member of a student organization helps you meet new people, develop leadership skills, and promote your interests while in college.

Arts, Entertainment, Athletics

Hill College is a multi-campus college dedicated to the premise that educational opportunities are necessary to bring together the college community and to offer cultural experiences.  

Alden Smith Speaker Series

Hill College Athletics

Hill College Players

Performing Arts Series

Texas Heritage Museum

Health and Wellness

Between exams, papers and maintain an active personal life, many college students feel they can't find the time to keep up on personal health and wellness.  Hill College provides facilities, physical activities and information to assist with staying healthy in college!

Health and Wellness Services

Intramural Sports


Wellness Centers

Residential Life

Hill College offers a friendly, community based residence experience.  Studies have shown that students who reside on campus tend to have better grades and attendance than those who live off campus.  Get involved! Stay active!

Bailey Hall

Dudley Hall

Frazier Hall

For more information, please contact the Student Activities Director at 254.659.7801.