Hill College welding students win first at Welding Rodeo

  Hill College
  Friday, April 27, 2018 11:24 AM
  General Events

Cleburne, TX

Eight Hill College welding technology students from the Johnson County Campus participated in the first North Texas American Society Welding Rodeo. The three-person Hill College team, included Daniel Carrizales, Alvarado; Will Richardson, Joshua; and Noah Joyner, Cleburne; tied for first place with Tarrant County College. Ethan Duhon, Glen Rose, placed second, and Zane Good, Aledo, placed fourth in the solo event. 

“This was the first North Texas Welding Rodeo sponsored by the American Welding Society. None of the student competitors or instructors had ever done a welding rodeo before, or knew what to expect,” said Brian Bennett, Hill College welding program coordinator and instructor. “I am very proud of the Hill College students for their efforts. They tied for first in the team event and two student finished in the top four individually. This shows that they are paying attention and developing their welding and fabrication skills.”


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