Johnson County Dual Credit Jumpstart Fund receives $10,000 founding gift from Pinnacle Bank

  Hill College
  Tuesday, September 18, 2018 3:34 PM
  General Events

Cleburne, TX

The Johnson County Dual Credit (JCDC) Jumpstart Fund has received a $10,000 founding contribution from Pinnacle Bank.           

Launched in the summer of 2018, the JCDC Jumpstart Fund is a community-led scholarship of Hill College. Initiated by community leaders in Johnson County, the Jumpstart Fund aims to provide scholarships for high school students in Johnson County taking dual credit courses at Hill College. Today in Texas, it is possible for students from 9-12th grade to earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking dual credit courses. This program provides high school students with the chance to “Jumpstart” their college career by taking college courses while still in high school. Once passed, these courses become transferable college credit while also satisfying the requirements of the student’s high school curriculum.

“The dual credit program provides a golden opportunity for students to get a huge head start on their college or technical education,” said Pinnacle Bank Regional President Tim Whitlock. “The Jumpstart Program will make dual credit available to more students. Pinnacle Bank is thankful to participate with Hill College in this great program for the students of Johnson County. We know that today’s students are our future leaders."

“This is one of the most exciting opportunities that the College has been a part of,” said Hill College President Dr. Pam Boehm. “I am excited to partner with the community to be able to provide a means for offering dual credit to our Johnson County students. Every student who has the desire to take a college course should have the opportunity. Thank you Pinnacle Bank for the generous donation to help educate students in Johnson County.”

If you would like to make a gift or would like more information about the JCDC Jumpstart Fund, please contact Mr. Guy James at 817-202-7064 or



Pinnacle Bank Regional President Tim Whitlock, Pinnacle Bank Senior Vice President Guy James, Pinnacle Bank Branch President Amber Whitte, Hill College President Dr. Pam Boehm, Hill College Director of Development Preston McReynolds. Pinnacle Bank presents Hill College representatives with a $10,000 founding contribution to the Johnson County Dual Credit Jumpstart Fund.