Hill College awards 16 scholarships to Johnson County High School Students

  Robin DeMott
  Monday, May 13, 2019 12:00 PM
  General Events

Hillsboro, TX

Hill College held the 2nd Annual Teen Forum on May 2 at the Johnson County Campus in Cleburne. 

Hill College Teen Forum began in 2005 by Dr. Pam Boehm, in collaboration with Hillsboro Independent School District. The program was specifically designed for high school seniors to develop and enhance their knowledge in pursuit of attending college, specifically Hill College. 

In 2018, the program was expanded to Cleburne ISD. This year, the Teen Forum Program was expanded to all of the Johnson County ISDs in the Hill College Maintenance Tax district. Each ISD has selected two graduating seniors to represent their district. 

Each spring the Teen Forum event is held and the candidates are given a campus tour, attend lunch, participate in a question and answer forum with Hill College faculty and staff, and receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend Hill College the following year. Additionally, students prepare prior to the Forum by learning about appropriate business attire, conduct, and resume writing. 

The following students participated in the Forum.
Alvarado High School: Kimberly Blackburn, Elaina Rico
Cleburne: Tyler Evans, Abigail Payan
Godley: Taiya Galvan, Mikaela Hardy
Grandview: Nathan Nabors, Jeremy Riley
Joshua: Mallori Evans, Coby Snapka
Keene: Chloe Hohn, Chris Servin
Rio Vista: Callista Holmesly, Jennifer Luna
Venus: Collin Batson, Emily Drury

Hillsboro High School students participated in the forum: Alexa Beltran, Sabrina Cagnon, Guadalupe Gobellan, Louisa Gonzalez, Samuel Hernandez Gaspar, Emily Lesley, Jonathan Lopez, Brenda Moreno, Jennifer Pineda-Fernandez, Aleahia Washington.
Photo cutline L-R:

Standing L-R: Hill College President Dr. Pam Boehm, Kimberly Blackburn (Alvarado), Abigail Payan (Cleburne), Tyler Evans (Cleburne), Jennifer Luna (Rio Vista), Chris Servin (Keene), Coby Snapka (Joshua), Jeremy Riley (Grandview), Emily Drury (Venus), Nathan Nabors (Grandview), Collin Batson (Venus), Chloe Hohn (Keene), Hill College Community Relations Executive Director Nancy Holland.

Seated L-R: Callista Holmesly (Rio Vista), Elaina Rico (Alvarado), Taiya Galvan (Godley), Mikaela Hardy (Godley), Mallori Evans (Joshua).