Johnson County Dual Credit Jumpstart Fund Names Corporate and Individual Sponsors

  Savanah Allen
  Thursday, November 7, 2019 12:30 PM
  General Events


The Johnson County Dual Credit (JCDC) Jumpstart Fund has received funding from corporate and individual sponsors throughout the county. Corporate sponsors this year include: Founder Pinnacle Bank; Sustainers Citizens National Bank of Texas, Mustang Foundation and Nathan Mayfield; Patrons Bloomfield Homes and Grandview Bank. Individual contributors include Founder Kenneth Thompson, Benefactor Linda Neeley, and Patrons Tim and Elizabeth Whitlock. 

The JCDC Jumpstart Fund was launched in the summer of 2018 by community leaders to help give high school students in Johnson County the opportunity to take dual credit courses through Hill College. Dual credit is available for a high school student to take college courses that are transferable college credit while also fulfilling high school curriculum requirements for graduation. Currently, dual credit students are not eligible for federal funding for these courses. The JCDC Jumpstart Fund is an alternative for paying for these classes while working toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. Scholarships have been awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

This fall, the scholarship program provided 92 scholarships for students in grades 9-12 across Johnson County. The number of Johnson County ISD recipients this year are: three in Alvarado, two in Burleson, 55 in Cleburne, one home schooled student, 24 in Joshua, four in Rio Vista and three in Grandview.       

Jumpstart corporate giving levels include: Founder, $10,000 and above; Benefactor, $7,500 and above; Sustainer, $2,500 and above; and Patron, $1,000 and above. 

For more information about the JCDC Jumpstart Fund or to become a donor, please contact Mr. Guy James at 817.202.7064 or