Hill College Board of Regents April 2021 meeting summary

  Jessyca Brown
  Tuesday, April 27, 2021 10:34 AM
  General Events

Hillsboro, TX

The Hill College Board of Regents met Tuesday, April 20, 2021, for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Board Chair David Teel called the meeting to order at 12:07 p.m. 

The invocation was given by Chairman Teel.

The minutes from the March 2021 meeting were reviewed. Regent Dwight Lloyd moved to approve the minutes and Regent Karen Brackin seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Billy Don Curbo gave the Consideration of Approval of Financial Report for February and March 2021. Regent Kent Eubank moved to approve the financial report as given and was seconded by Regent Bill Galiga. The report was approved.  

Dr. Pam Boehm gave the President’s Report:

  • The college is reassessing its COVID-19 action plan for fall and will be piloting a soft return this summer. The Board of Regent’s dinner and meetings are planned to return to the Bob Bullock Room and Board Room beginning with the May board meeting.
  • Board Chairman Teel has reached out to a potential candidate for the open Covington seat, which will be an action item at the May board meeting.
  • 2021 Commencement will be at the Hilco Event Center in Itasca on May 13, 2021. Due to COVID restrictions attendees must RSVP and all participants will arrive in regalia.
  • The October ACCT conference will open up for registration in May. Also, BOTI & CCATT events for Regents to attend are scheduled for the coming year.
  • Boehm reported 1,769 students have been served through CARES/HEERF funds at $500 each for a total of $884,500. Hill College has also received $100,000 from THECB. All but $700 has been spent on student emergency aid and the final $700 will be used in the Rebel Food Pantry.
  • Legislative update. Presented talking points from TACC.
  • Boehm congratulated the SIS and Financial Aid personnel for their Texas Education Opportunity Grant (TEOG) audit with no findings.
  • Boehm congratulated Dean Mosley and Dr. Cox for a great ADN survey audit with no findings.
  • President Dr. Hurley of Tarleton State University was on campus for a tour and signing of a new Distinguished College Partnership Program MOU.
  • Boots & Suits event was held April 16, 2021.
  • NISOD Conference. Nominated all Hill College full-time faculty for “Excellence in Teaching.”
  • Performing Arts have held virtual performances.
  • Spring “Best Practices in Dual Credit” events held on all campuses and through ZOOM for ISD partners.
  • SSC and maintenance staff worked around the campuses and the center over spring break refreshing and touching up facilities with new paint.
  • Texas Tech will hold a reception for the graduating class of 2021 at “The Place” in Cleburne on May 12, 2021 to honor 12 graduating students from the Hill College/Texas Tech program.
  • Schindler and Dr. Boehm had a meeting with the new mayor of Burleson, Chris Fletcher.
  • Burleson Opportunity Fund, set to hold Breakfast of Champions event in October 2021. Also, holding a golf tournament fundraiser in June.

Dr. Boehm presented the athletic report. All sports were played in the spring due to COVID-19. Teams received several accolades: Volleyball and women’s basketball coaches received, “Coach of the Year,” and several students were recognized as, “players of the year, first team, second team, and honorable mentions.”

Lizza Trenkle gave enrollment update. Decline by 50 students and 5,776 contact hours for second 8-week spring 2021 semester.

Jessyca Brown presented the Student Success Initiative. SACSCOC QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) project is Financial Fitness - enhancing student’s financial awareness. Weeklong kick-off event was held with a total of 109 students attending different sessions. 

Billy Don Curbo presented Consideration of Approval of Bids. Three energy bids were submitted with Ideal Impact being the recommendation at a cost of $454,842. HEERF Funds (Federal COVID-19 funds) will be used for the purchase. Regent Lloyd made a motion to accept the bid and was seconded by Regent Tony Marley. The motion passed.

Billy Don Curbo presented Consideration of Approval of Bids for furniture replacement in the library due to the recent flooding in the library during the freeze. Recommendation is to utilize Library Interiors of Texas, LLC, who is a member of Buy Board, at a cost of $147,122.05. Regent Jolene Lehmann made a motion to accept and was seconded by Regent Marley. The motion passed.

Billy Don Curbo presented Consideration of Approval of Fees. The fees are for the increase in nursing student testing. Regent Kent Eubank motioned to accept and was seconded by Regent Brackin. The motion passed. 

Dean of Instruction – Business and Industry, Brian Bennett, presented Consideration of Approval of MOU with Hill College & North Texas Automotive Dealers for an apprenticeship program. Regent Lloyd made a motion to accept the MOU and was seconded by Regent Galiga. The motion passed.

Dr. Schindler presented Consideration of Approval of 2022-2023 Academic Calendar. Regent Galiga made a motion to accept the academic calendar and was seconded by Regent Lloyd. The motion passed.

Jamie Jaska presented the recent Hill College personnel hires and resignations. Regent Lehmann made a motion to accept the recent personnel changes and Regent Brackin seconded. The motion passed.

With no further business to conduct, Regent Brackin made a motion to adjourn, Regent Lehmann seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 1:28 p.m.