Alumni Spotlight—Greg Steele

  Jessyca Brown
  Thursday, June 8, 2023 8:11 AM
  General Events

Hillsboro, TX

Greg Steele is a Hillsboro native and graduate of Hill College. He is currently a Technology Development Representative and Field Researcher for the Crop Science Division of Bayer, a multinational life sciences company.

After high school, he had ambitions of attending Texas A&M University, like his older brother. However, he wanted to stay closer to home after graduating and take time to figure out what career path he wanted to pursue. He made the decision to attend Hill College and get his associate degree, allowing him to take time to consider his options.

During his time at Hill College, he met his wife, Michelle, who was a student and softball player there.

Upon completing their associate degrees from Hill College in the spring of 1995, they both went on to Texas A&M to pursue their bachelor’s degrees, Greg majoring in rangeland ecology and management and Michelle in education.

Greg credits Hill College with allowing him the time to advance his education while also allowing him to grow as a young adult. “My experience at Hill College allowed me to grow and mature as an individual in a smaller setting so that I was able to understand what the expectation would be of a student in a four-year institution. The professors there made learning fun and offered guidance so that I was able to be successful in my more advanced education.”

He went on to get both his master’s and doctorate degrees at A&M before taking a position with Monsanto, now Bayer, which took him, his wife, and their two kids at the time, to Illinois. He was later offered a position with the company in Central Texas, allowing him and his family to return home.

In his current position with Bayer, Greg works with farmers and customers to create solutions to the challenges they face in their industries, including disease, weed, and insect pests, through direct research in the field and collaborating with universities, primarily Texas A&M.

Michelle went on to receive her master’s in education at Texas Women’s University and is currently an administrator at Hillsboro Independent School District. Together, they have three sons, Luke, Grant, and Jackson. All three have attended Hill College in some capacity, either through the dual credit program or summer courses.