Community Spotlight—Amber Witte

  Jessyca Brown
  Thursday, June 8, 2023 7:52 AM
  General Events

Hillsboro, TX

Amber Witte grew up in Cleburne, Texas. She is a former Hill College student and is currently the Branch President for Pinnacle Bank in Cleburne.

She began her education at Hill College in high school in the dual credit program. After high school, she attended Texas Tech University. After two semesters at Texas Tech, she realized that she wanted to be closer to home and moved back to Cleburne to attend Hill College.

“Hill College gave me a great opportunity to take my basics and gave me time to decide what I wanted my career to be without the added cost of tuition at a four-year institution and added living expenses,” she said.

Amber had ambitions of going to law school after being involved in youth government in high school and working at a law firm in Fort Worth while taking classes at Hill College. Her other passion was journalism. After doing research, she decided to apply for Texas Christian University’s (TCU) television and film studies program. Mr. Gilker, her psychology professor at Hill College, wrote her a letter of recommendation and she was accepted. She received her bachelor’s degree in television and film studies in the spring of 1995.

During her time at TCU, she assisted with various television and film shoots, worked a baseball All-Star game, and had the opportunity to work in the media center at the World Cup games in 1994. She also received an internship at NBC5 in Dallas.

After graduation, Amber was engaged to her now husband of 28 years. They eventually returned to Cleburne. Mike, her husband, went back to school at Hill College later transferring to Tarleton State University. It was during that time that she began her career in banking.

When asked about her mentors at Hill College, Amber credits Dr. Richard Elam, who taught government and history. “He taught me the love of learning again. I lost it somewhere along the way and let other priorities consume my life. I ended up taking every class he offered. He had a true talent for getting students to engage.”

“Hill College has not only been a part of my husband’s and my life, but also our two oldest sons, who both took classes there.” Their oldest, Jake, went on to graduate from Texas Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering. Dylan, their middle son, started at Tech this past fall. They expect their youngest son to also attend Hill College in some capacity.

“The best thing about Hill College is its ability to be different things to different people. Some students are like my family, and it provides a convenient place to take core classes. Some come to Hill College to get a certification so they can start their careers in the workforce sooner at a higher salary. Other students want to play sports while they take classes. And others come to earn an associate degree and complete the first two years at a more reasonable price than a four-year university. Whatever the reason, the fact that Hill College can adapt to its students is a huge blessing to this community. One my family and I are grateful for.”

Amber credits her successes in life to her to her Christian faith.

She has worked in the banking community for 28 years, 18 of which have been at Pinnacle Bank, where she is today.