Program Spotlight—First Responders

  Jessyca Brown
  Thursday, June 8, 2023 8:10 AM
  General Events

Hillsboro, TX

The first responder programs at Hill College provide comprehensive training for individuals interested in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Technology. These programs train students in all aspects of emergency services, including firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics.

The Hill College EMS program offers students the option to either choose a certificate program or an associate of applied science in the areas of emergency medical technician, emergency medical responders, or advanced emergency medical technician (paramedic).

The Fire Protection Technology program at Hill College is nationally ranked and offers comprehensive, hands-on training to prepare students with the skills and physical training to enter the field. The program meets all the requirements of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and Basic Structure Fire Suppression preparing students to successfully complete all state certification exams. It also allows students the option to choose from a certificate program or an associate of applied science in fire protection.

Through hands-on training and more personalized classes, these programs not only provide the necessary training for the job force, but also emphasize key life skills such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, adaptability, work ethic, life-long learning, time management, analytical thinking, and social skills. At all levels, students are trained to provide life-saving support of civilians in emergency situations through classroom instruction and hands-on clinical trainings.

Firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics are some of the most dependable emergency responder members of any community. The graduates from these programs provide essential services for the communities they serve. They are also often exemplary members of society, exhibiting care and respect for citizens, patient advocacy, high standards in ethics and morals, and a true desire to serve those around them.

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