Board of Regents August 2023 Agenda

  Jessyca Brown
  Thursday, August 10, 2023 2:49 PM
  Enrollment Management

Hillsboro, TX

For the Regular Meeting of the Board of Regents
Of Hill College
To be held
Tuesday, August 15, 2023
At 12:00 PM in the Board Room of the Hill College Administration Building.

Call to Order

The Hill College Regents may adjourn to closed or executive session pursuant to Texas Government Code for any and all purposes permitted by Sections 551.071, inclusive of the Open Meetings Act, including, but not limited to: Section 551.074 – Personnel Matters – considering the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee or to hear complaints or charges against a public officer or employee; Section 551.072 – for discussing the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.

Adjourn to Public Hearing at approximately 12:00 pm.

Reconvene at approximately 12:15 pm

Approval of Minutes

  1. Regular Meeting– July 2023

Financial Report

  1. Consideration of Financial Report for July 2023
  2. Consideration of Investment Policy

Communications to the Board

  1. President’s Report
  2. Athletic Report

New Business

  1. Consideration of Approval of Operating Budget 2023-2024
  2. Consideration of Tax Rate
  3. Consideration of Approval of Tax Abatement Agreement
  4. Consideration of Approval of Title IX Annual Report
  5. Consideration of Approval of Bids
  6. Consideration of Approval of Affiliation Agreement with Granbury Lake Medical Center & Hill College Health & Public Services, Nursing Program
  7. Consideration of Approval of Educational Services Training Agreement with Orthman Conveying Systems, LLC & Hill College Workforce Partnerships
  8. Consideration of Approval of 2023-2024 Catalog
  9. Consideration of Approval of 2024-2025 Academic Calendar
  10. Consideration of Approval of THECB-New Academic Associate Degree Program Certification Approval, Field of Study-Political Science, FOS-Social Work & FOS-Sociology
  11. Consideration of Approval of Policy Update #45

Personnel Considerations

  1. Staff Appointments
  2. Resignations and Terminations


Other Business