Program Spotlight: Dual Credit

  Jessyca Brown
  Monday, February 5, 2024 9:28 AM

Hillsboro, TX

The Dual Credit Program at Hill College offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credits for both higher education and technical programs, credits that will transfer to both community colleges and four-year institutions. Currently, there are over 1,700 students enrolled in dual credit courses at Hill College in 28 independent school districts (ISDs) as well as homeschool students.

“As a parent, I’ve been very impressed at how Hill College hand selects faculty who are going to teach our students. They absolutely understand that these are young people who have never had a college experience before and the way they have come along side our students to make sure they are supported and that they are understanding the material has been very impressive,” Jill Lain, mother of former dual credit student Griffin Lain.

High school students enrolled in dual credit programs gain first-hand experience with college-level work and tend to make the transition to four-year colleges better prepared and typically complete a four-year program in a shorter period of time. These programs can play a significant role in a student’s life, allowing them to experience college-level courses, save money, and build confidence in their education and learning skills, with some even earning their associate degree in high school.

In 2023, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 8, an initiative that provides a new funding model for community colleges in the state to support dual credit programs. Part of House Bill 8 is the Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST) Program geared toward helping colleges increase enrollment by offering students the option of dual credit at free or reduced tuition so that all students are given the opportunity to obtain college credits while in high school no matter their socioeconomic status.

In addition to the benefits of the FAST Program, Hill College is providing additional staff members to assist students in navigating the dual credit program and implementing the use of open educational resources (online) for textbook material, and creating an endowed dual credit scholarship fund with the goal of maximizing the number of students who cannot afford dual credit tuition.

The new funding model and the additional resources Hill College is offering allows the Dual Credit Program to further support our area high school students in their higher education, providing an advantage when entering a two or four-year college or the work force.

“At Hill College, our commitment to student success is unwavering. Through our dual credit programs, we take pride in nurturing their academic journey. With a focus on putting students first, we strive to empower them to reach their full potential and achieve excellence. Your success is our priority at Hill College, where every step is a stride towards a brighter future,” said Director of the Dual Credit Program Daren Dorm.

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