Hill College announces addition of esports pilot program

  Jessyca Brown
  Monday, July 8, 2024 12:36 PM
  Student Activities, Enrollment Management

Hillsboro, TX

Roy EscobedoHill College is pleased to announce the launch of an esports pilot program. This new program offers students an exciting opportunity to pursue a path in an increasingly popular industry. The gaming community is billion-dollar business, and this program will offer Hill College students a gateway to various career paths within the gaming industry.

“The esports industry is experiencing exponential growth, offering diverse career paths in game development, broadcasting, and event management, among others. Esports can prepare our students for these emerging job markets, positioning them for success in this evolving digital landscape.

“The Hill College esports program will give us the opportunity to enhance our reputation on a national and global scale, attracting students and partners from around the nation and the world,” said Executive Director of Information Technology & Learning Innovation/CIO Kevin Rocha.

In addition to developing teamwork and communication skills, esports aligns with Hill College’s STEM Pathway by engaging students interested in science, technology, and math through gaming. Students who engage with esports gain experience and insight in game design, marketing strategies, event management, and critical thinking.

As part of this new initiative, Hill College welcomes Roy Escobedo back to the community. Escobedo graduated from Hill College in 2021 with an associate degree in general studies before earning his bachelor’s in information technology with a minor in business management from the University of North Texas at Dallas.

“Returning to Hill College allows me to reconnect with the community that played such a significant role in my formative years. I wanted to be a part of a movement that would not only enhance the educational experience for students but also strengthen the bonds within the Hill College family,” said Escobedo. “My decision to come back to Hill College was driven by a desire to give back, make a positive impact, and help shape the future of both the institution and its students. It’s a privilege for me to be able to return to Hill College and play a role in its continued growth and success.”

The addition of the esports pilot program affords numerous benefits to the institution. Gaming attracts a wide range of individuals, increasing the opportunity for a new audience for enrollment and campus diversity. This program will enhance the college’s reputation as a forward-thinking institution that embraces emerging trends and technologies and will become a powerful recruitment tool and open doors for new partnerships and community collaborations. 

Escobedo’s vision for the program centers around creating a dynamic and inclusive environment where students compete at a high level and grow as individuals both academically and personally by fostering a platform of leadership and innovation. The program will provide students the opportunity to explore career paths within the gaming community, including management and broadcasting, among others.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to launch an esports pilot here at Hill College.  Esports has become a dynamic force for student engagement over the years and it continues to grow exponentially in popularity,” said Rocha. “Esports can help our students develop crucial skills such as strategic thinking, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. The best part is that these skills are not only essential for success in competitive gaming but are also highly transferable to both the academic and professional settings, which will enhance our overall student development.”

“Returning to Hill College holds a special significance for me,” said Escobedo. “It’s a chance to give back to the community that shaped my educational journey. Being entrusted with the responsibility to pioneer this program fills me with great pride and gratitude. It’s an honor to be part of a team dedicated to providing innovative opportunities for our students and helping them excel in both their academic and extracurricular pursuits.”

The esports pilot program is available to both dual credit and college-level students. For more information, email esports@hillcollege.edu.

For more information on Hill College, visit hillcollege.edu.