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A friendly, community spirit distinguishes the residence experience at Hill College. Living in close proximity with others, sharing a constant exchange of ideas and learning how to respect the rights of others, are some of the most educational and fun aspects of campus life. From study groups to intramural sports, we are proud to offer the all-around collegiate learning experience.

Studies have shown that students who reside on campus tend to have better grades and attendance than those who live off campus. Residents are more likely to become active in student-led organizations and campus activities. With this in mind, we look forward to having you live on campus during your time at Hill College. Get involved! Stay active! Go Rebels!!!

Mission Statement

Residential Life provides a safe and healthy living environment, promoting personal development, cultural awareness and sense of community for students.


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Residence Halls

Dudley Hall
Frazier Hall
Bailey Hall


Phyllis Cunningham
Administrative Assistant