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Campus Safety

Mission Statement

The Department of Campus Safety will strive to create a safe and secure learning environment by enforcing the student code of conduct and local, state and federal laws, while building community partnerships that foster trust, mutual respect, and cooperation.


Hill College Parking Citations & Fines

Fine   Type Amount
Failure to stop $25
Improper Parking (over the lines, not within designated space) $20
No valid parking permit displayed $20
Parking on grass or sidewalks, blocking drives or crosswalks $20
Parking within designated fire lane $40
Speeding (for each mile over the speed limit) $2
Unauthorized parking in handicap parking space $40
Unauthorized parking in reserved parking space $35
Alcohol Violation - first citation $25
Alcohol Violation - second citation $50
Health and Safety Violation $10 per day
Improper Check-out $25
Lost key(s) $60
Room Condition Sheet  $10
Room Unlocked/Unattended $10
Visitation - second citation $25
Board of Regents   approved August 15, 2017

All citation fines may be paid at the Business Office.  Fines must be paid within 30 calendar days from the date of the issue or an additional $10 late fee may be added.

Student Parking Permit Request Form

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Request Form

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What if I attend classes at more than one campus during the semester?  Do I need a different parking permit for each campus?
No.  You will need only one parking permit for all campuses.  You must be aware of the different parking requirements for each campus.  It is recommended that you register your vehicle on the campus where you have the majority of your classes.

Is there a ‘grace’ period for registering my vehicle and obtaining a parking permit?
No.  If you are going to park a vehicle on campus the first day of class, you should obtain your parking permit before the first day of class.

What do I do if I get a new vehicle?
Register your new vehicle and receive a new parking permit at no charge.

My parking permit was lost or stolen.  What steps should I take?
Report your lost or stolen parking permit to the Student Services Office and receive a new parking permit at no charge.

I have a citation charge on my account, but never received a citation.  Why am I responsible for the citation?
Regardless of whether you received a copy of the citation, you are responsible for registering your vehicle and parking the vehicle.  You may contact the Student Services Office to receive a copy of your citation.

Can someone else pick up my parking permit?
No.  Parking permits are issued to the student, faculty, or staff individual only.

If I am a student and have a valid parking permit, can I park in Reserved and Visitor spaces?
No.  Reserved spaces are designated for staff and faculty.  Visitor spaces are for visitors to Hill College.  Students will be issued parking citations if parking in these spaces.

Where do I pay for a parking citation?
Parking citation fines may be paid at the Business Office in the Administration Building.  Students may also pay through their ‘MyRebel’ account, once the fine has been posted to the student’s account.

Do I need a parking permit if I take courses online?
Students who take all of their courses online would not need to obtain a parking permit unless they come to campus on a regular basis for student services such as taking online course tests in the Testing Center or to attend labs.