Frequently Asked Questions

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The Financial Aid office deals with the specifics of getting into college and being screened for federal and local financial aid. The Financial Fitness Center will help you with all other life fitness tasks such as advice, budgeting, saving, and effectively making money work for you.
No. However, there are many offices and opportunities on campus and in the wider community to help deal with immediate emergencies. The Financial Fitness Center can help connect you to these resources.
We have qualified financial staff to give budgeting, saving, and debt management advice as well as live and pre-recorded lessons and seminars for just about every finance-related problem in life. We also host a number of sessions, celebrations, and fairs.
  • Social media
    • Tips and facts
    • Activity announcements
    • Financial trivia with drawings
  • Financial Fitness Month
    • Month-long focus on financial fitness
    • Activities on all campuses
    • Events, food, and fun!
  • Professional development
    • Faculty and staff
    • Lunch & Learn opportunities
    • Orientations
  • Website
    • Face-to-face assistance by appointment
    • Student-friendly resource links
    • Links to the Schoology course
  • Schoology course
    • Monitored and active discussions
    • FFC resources available 24 hours 365 days a year
    • Topics and template resources
  • Connections
    • Connect students with internal and external financial resources
  • Pop-up events
    • Meet students where the congregate
    • Provide links to resources
  • FFC faculty liaisons
    • 3 faculty members: Dr. Joanne Baham, Dr. Michael Itashiki, and Dr. Terry Rigsby
    • Assist with student appointments
    • Conduct presentations to classes
    • Promote FFC to faculty
  • Student workshops
    • In-class presentations