Note: Schoology accounts build overnight and will be ready in the morning the day after you sign up for a class.

Schoology Login Click Here


What is my username?: Your username is your firstname.lastname up to a maximum of 20 characters including the dot and any punctuation in your name.

What is my password?: Your password is your Hill College email password: Lastname#### where the #s are the last four digits of your student ID.

If your login does not work come back to this page and click this Student Help Desk link and fill out a request for helpdesk support.

Important message about proctored exams

Some online courses may require proctored testing.  Additional fees may apply if the student is unable to test in person at a Hill College testing center.  Fees vary according to the outside proctor's fee schedule.  Testing at a Hill College campus/center is free of charge for Hill College students.

Schoology Current Status

How to control what emails you receive from Schoology- There are several ways to control or limit the number of emails you are receiving. 

The easiest is to go into the Group that is sending the email such as Student to Student.  You will see a button appear on the upper right of the screen called Notifications.  From here you can turn off the email from the group.  You will still see updates on your homepage but the email will stop.

To see only updates from your class, simply go into the class.  The only updates that appear there are related to that individual class.

By clicking on the arrow next to your name in the upper right and going into Notifications you can turn off all group email.  Please be aware that this will also affect groups your instructors may set up within a course.

Finally, from within a group you have the option to the leave the group. This will stop all emails and updates from the group. Look for the "Leave this group" link on the left.

If you have comments or suggestions you would like to share please do not hesitate to send them on to me.

Theresa Arias