Library Procedures and Policies


Library Procedures and Policies

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Library Access for Burleson Center students

Burleson center students are welcome to use either Hill College campus library. Burleson students may also use the Burleson Public Library. For access, present a current Hill College student ID to set-up an account.

Material Loan

Patrons must have a valid Hill College student or employee ID to check out library materials. Patrons are limited to 15 items and only two may be DVDs or other media formats. Community patrons must show a state or military photo ID for transactions and are limited to 3 items, one of which may be of media format

Material Loan Periods

Books: Fourteen day loan period. Items may be renewed up to three times unless another patron has a request for the item and has placed a material hold.

Audiobooks (Books on CD): Seven day loan period. Items may be renewed once unless another patron has a request for the item and has placed a material hold.

DVDs/VHS Tapes: Three day loan period, two item limit. Items may be renewed once unless another patron has a request for the item and has placed a material hold.

Equipment-Calculators/Flash Drives/Headphones/Portable DVD Drives: These materials are issued on a one-day loan. Equipment is for in-library use, but may be taken from the library with consent from library staff.

Reference Materials/Periodicals: These materials are available for in-library use only.


Books: 10 cents per day, maximum fine of $10.00. Books over 60 days overdue will roll to lost status. Items in lost status may be subject to item replacement cost, a processing fee of $10.00 and the maximum fine. Damaged items may be subject to a $10.00 repair fee.

Audiobooks: 25 cents per day, maximum fine of $25.00. Audiobooks over 10 days overdue will roll to lost status. Items in lost status may be subject to item replacement cost, a processing fee of $10.00 and the maximum fine. Damaged items may be subject to a $10.00 repair fee.

DVDs: 25 cents per day, maximum fine of $15.00. DVDs over 10 days overdue will roll to lost status. Items in lost status may be subject to item replacement cost, a processing fee of $10.00 and the maximum fine. Damaged items may be subject to a $10.00 repair fee.

Equipment-Calculators/Flash Drives/Headphones/Portable DVD Drives: One dollar per day, maximum fine of $100.00. Equipment over 10 days overdue will roll to lost status. Items in lost status may be subject to item replacement cost, a processing fee of $10.00 and the maximum fine. Damaged items may be subject to a repair fee.

Lost Materials

Lost materials are subject to item replacement cost, processing fee and any accrued fine.


Holds are placed on accounts of patrons with overdue materials. Holds will prevent a patron from further material checkout, registration and transcript access. Hold will be removed upon restitution with the campus libraries.

Fine Payments

Material fines may be paid at campus libraries by cash or check. In some instances, fines may be paid in the campus business office by credit or debit card.


The Hill College Libraries house over 45,000 print volumes of circulating books and reference materials.

Electronic Books

The Hill College Libraries offer access to over 140,000 electronic book titles though EBooks on EBSCOHost and Ebrary. Titles are accessible though the library website and many are available for download to PCs, electronic readers and tablets.


The Hill College Libraries offer 24-7 access to over 90 electronic database subscriptions.


The Hill College Libraries have subscriptions to over 60 periodical print resources including medical journals, magazines and area newspapers. 


The Hill College Libraries house over 550 DVD titles.

Library Usage Policy

The Hill College libraries are open to all students, faculty, staff and community patrons. Residents of the Hill College service area may register for library accounts and have limited material use privileges. Many library materials, including display items, books, DVDs and periodicals are suited for adult patrons ONLY; parents and guardians are responsible for any censorship of such materials. Children under the age of 15 cannot be left unattended in campus libraries and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Alumni Library Resource Access

Hill College alumni are welcome to use library resources (subject to library staff approval) for continued educational pursuit, job seeking and other related tasks.

Computer Usage Policy

The Hill College libraries offer the use of personal computers for academic purposes. Library computer and printer access is available until 15 minutes prior to library closing time. Students, faculty and staff may use their Hill College issued login credentials for computer access. Guests and community patrons may request a guest login for purposes such as applying for federal financial aid, completing State of Texas and Hill College applications and job search related purposes. Such requests will be granted at the discretion of Hill College library staff. Patrons are limited to one login at a time, including wireless Internet access for laptop computers or tablets. Library PCs may not be used for unauthorized commercial or illegal purposes pursuant to the Texas Penal Code, Chapter 33 Computer Crimes.

Off-Campus Access

The Hill College library databases and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog/Library Catalog) may be accessed from off-campus sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A current login is required for off-campus database access. The login protocol is the same as the default protocol for college network access, email and Blackboard. A login is not required for off-campus OPAC access.

Saving Documents and Items on Library PCs

If saving documents and items on Hill College library PCs, use portable storage such as a USB drive or writeable CD. Items may be temporarily saved to the computer desktop for later use (such as attaching the document to an email or for upload into the Hill College Blackboard Course Management System). Items saved to the computer itself, both desktop and hard drive are erased upon logging off.

Software Use

Only licensed software may be utilized on campus computers. Patrons are not allowed to load programs or software without approval from the Hill College Information Technology Department.

Laptop Computer Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is available for students, faculty and staff of Hill College. Instructions for set-up are available at the library reference desks. In order to set-up wireless Internet access, laptops must have current, operable anti-virus software. At no time may a patron use a library data port for network access.

Printing Policy

Hill College utilizes the Go Print printing management system in campus libraries and computer labs. Each semester, every enrolled student receives credit for 200 print or 400 photocopies (or a combination of print and photocopies equal to $20.00) on their Go Print account. If the student’s print/photocopy credits are exhausted, patrons may add credit to their account at either campus library or Business Office. Guest patrons may print limited sheets at the discretion of Hill College library staff. Patrons are unable to print from laptops, but may checkout a flash drive from the library to use to transfer documents to a library PC.


Hill College libraries offer the use of photocopiers for students, faculty, staff and community patrons. Faculty and staff may use college assigned access codes; students may use their Go Print account credits. All other patrons are charged 10 cents per side of each copy and 20 cents per side for legal size copies.

Bibliographic Instruction

Library information instruction sessions are available throughout the semester. Campus librarians are available to speak to classes and other groups. Sessions may be tailored to individual subjects or specific class assignments. Contact your campus librarian for scheduling and additional information.

Library Computer Lab Reservations

Faculty and staff are allowed to reserve library computer labs on a limited basis. Students and community patrons are not allowed to reserve the computer lab. All computer lab scheduling is done through Jo Anna Green: (817) 760-5953 or


TexShare cards are available for current Hill College students, faculty and staff. TexShare cards allow material checkout from affiliated academic and public libraries in Texas. TexShare cards are issued by semester. Patrons utilizing TexShare card are required to abide by the policies of the lending library.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan services are available for all Hill College Library patrons. Please note that users of this service are subject to access and lending period limitations from the lending libraries. In some instances, a fee for access or shipping may be required. Please allow enough lead time for material delivery (in some instances up to two weeks, depending upon the travel distance from the lending library).

Confidentiality of Patron Records/Usage

Patron library usage records are kept confidential. Only current or overdue material records are kept. Upon material discharge, all material usage records are deleted. The USA Patriot Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act) supersedes library confidentiality policy and the Hill College libraries will comply with any government requests submitted under the jurisdiction of the USA Patriot Act.

USA Patriot Act

As to legal requirements of the act, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law enforcement agencies or officials may obtain court orders for library records for investigations involving national security and/or terrorism. Under penalty of law, libraries or library staff served with search warrants may not divulge the existence of the warrants or dissemination of records disclosed as a result of the warrants. Patrons cannot be informed that their records were provided to law enforcement agencies or that they are/were under FBI investigation.

Material Acquisition Requests

Hill College library patrons may request materials for acquisition by campus libraries. All requests are evaluated by the campus librarian to determine whether the material is suitable or necessary for acquisition. 

Exam Proctoring Policy

Requests for library personnel to proctor course exams must be received from the Hill College Testing Center or individual Professor for the class. Test proctoring is available for students of other colleges or universities if a formal request is received from the institution.

Food and Drink Policy

Snacks and drinks with covers are permitted in Hill College libraries.

Noise/Cellular Phone Usage Policy

Hill College libraries strive to offer an atmosphere conducive to study and research. Campus library building layouts require that patrons be considerate and keep noise levels to a minimum. Loud talking or other boisterous activity is not permitted. All library patrons are asked to set cellular phones to silent or vibrate. If a patron must accept a call, they must keep it brief and quiet or take the call to the library foyer or completely outside of the library.

Library Security

If a security alarm sounds upon exit of the library, please return to the front desk until dismissed by a library staff member.

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