If a third party will be making payment toward a student's tuition and fees, Hill College must have an agreement with the third party and all documentation/payment vouchers/authorizations must be submitted to Student Information Services in advance before the beginning of each semester.

Lateness in submitting all required documentation may require students to pay tuition and fees personally at the time of registration. 

Students will be responsible for any balance not paid by the third party.

Types of Tuition Exemptions/Waivers:
  • Highest Ranking High School Scholar
  • Hazlewood Veteran
  • Hazlewood Spouse
  • Hazlewood Dependents
  • Hazlewood Dependents Legacy Act
  • Children of Disabled Firemen/Peace Officers
  • Blind or Deaf Students
  • Firefighters taking Fire Science Courses
  • Senior Citizen
  • Foster Care/Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Adopted Students
  • Children of Professional Nursing Program Faculty and Staff
  • Preceptors and/or Their Children
  • Ad Valorem Taxes
  • Competitive Academic Scholarships

Types of Tuition Sponsors:

  • Veteran's Assistance
  • Texas Workforce Commission (Workforce Investment Act - WIA)
  • Division for Rehabilitation Services (DRS)
  • Military Tuition Assistance
  • Social Security Administration
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan
  • Employers
  • High Schools