We are pleased to announce the new employee recognition program called Employee Appreciation Campaign.

 The purpose of this page is to help guide supervisors on the new Employee Appreciation Campaign. This campaign will allow supervisors the opportunity to recognize an individual employee, a group of employees, and/or an entire department.

As you are aware the Employee Recognition Committee put out an Employee Recognition Survey. The feedback received from the survey is the driving factor for the new Employee Recognition Program. Below you will see some of the results from the survey.

How the Program Works

  • There will be a pool of money allocated for each department based on the number of employees in that group. The money will be split by each Vice President. We would use the PO system as the approval process. Each supervisor will submit a PO including the employee’s name and the reason they are being recognized. The PO would then move through the normal PO approval process.
  • The Employee Recognition committee will use a portion of the budgeted money to buy a supply of some giveaways to have on hand for supervisors (If supervisors choose to use these items, it would not come out of their budgeted amount) We will also have note cards/thank you cards for supervisors to use.
  • Each Employee will be given an Employee Appreciation Questionnaire that they will complete and return to their supervisor. Going forward, this form will be included as part of HR’s new hire paperwork.
  • Supervisors will use this questionnaire as guidance on how best to recognize employees. Employees may be recognized for certain work accomplishments and/or contributions such as:
    • Customer Service
    • Innovative Ideas or processes
    • Taking on extra responsibilities or special projects
    • Collaboration or support of a team effort
    • Birthdays and/or special events
    • Just because
  • The questionnaire will guide supervisors on how their employees like to be recognized and some of their favorite things.
  • There is no limit on how many times an employee may be recognized in a given year, nor is there a minimum. This program is truly to allow supervisors the opportunity to make an employee feel appreciated.
  • Each month (or quarter), Vice Presidents and/or Directors will submit a list of their employees that were recognized for that given period. These name will be included in Dr. Boehm’s presidents page for that month.

*The PDF document contains form fields and is not supported in browser view… Choose to open with a different viewer or “Save to File” in appropriate folder. You must open in Acrobat DC to fill in the form fields.