Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance

Program Summary

Industrial maintenance technicians are needed in every industry that uses machinery, from assembly plants to warehouses. Because of their role in keeping facilities running safely and efficiently, as well as their mandatory broad skills set, industrial maintenance technicians are in high demand.

The Hill College Industrial Maintenance Program responds to this critical need with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Industrial Maintenance and various short-term certificates which lead to this degree. Because workers in this field must be cross trained in many areas of skilled labor, courses provide training in the areas of electrical, manufacturing, maintenance, machining and welding.

Students who complete an AAS in Industrial Maintenance will also receive certificates of completion in Basic Machinist and Basic Electrical Skills, as well as certificates in Industrial Maintenance.

Degree Options

Basic Machinist Skills
Certificate of Completion
18 credit hours

Basic Electrical Skills
Certificate of Completion
16 credit hours

Basic Industrial Maintenance Skills
Certificate of Completion
18 credit hours

Industrial Maintenance
Certificate of Technology
34 credit hours

Industrial Maintenance
Associate of Applied Science
60 credit hours

Industrial Maintenance Education Plan

Program Outcomes

Evaluate mechanical system components and perform scheduled maintenance, preventative maintenance and diagnostic procedures and repair in an industrial environment.

Perform basic mechanical and repair techniques common to the industrial maintenance field.

Demonstrate application of safety and regulation code compliance.

Perform applied math functions relating to an industrial environment.

Explain and apply industry skills and practices of electrical theory, circuits and applications.




Curtis Wells
Program Coordinator
Cleburne Campus

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