Specialized Admission for Instructional Programs

Several instructional programs have additional admission's requirements beyond admission into Hill College.  The College requires Apply Texas admission applications and official transcripts to be turned into Student Information Services as well as the requirements outline in these programs:

General Admission Information

Academic Fresh Start add

Academic Fresh Start

This option must be requested during the Admission process before enrolling in courses.

Texas Senate Bill 1321 (1993) allows students who were in a postsecondary institution 10 or more years ago to seek admission to Hill College without consideration of that work. Should the student seek admission under this option, then no college courses or credits ten (10) years or older will be evaluated. This means:

  1. Courses taken previously can’t be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements.
  2. Courses taken previously can’t be counted towards degree requirements.
  3. Courses taken previously can’t and will not be counted in the GPA calculations.
  4. Academic Fresh Start must be claimed upon application to the institution and will not be applicable to currently enrolled students.
  5. Once enrolled at the institution, Academic Fresh Start may only be requested upon application for readmission to the institution. Students can apply for readmission and request Academic Fresh Start only after resigning for one calendar year.  Academic Fresh Start for Admissions Decisions Form must be completed and granted prior to re-enrolling.
  6. Once the Academic Fresh Start has been claimed, and the student has enrolled, the decision can’t be reversed.
  7. A student may use the Academic Fresh Start decision only once at the institution.
  8. Academic Fresh Start clears only the student’s academic record.  When deciding financial aid eligibility, the institution must count ALL prior credits attempted and earned.
  9. A student’s Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exemption based on work completed prior to the Fall of 1989 is retained regardless of any election of Academic Fresh Start.
  10. This option does not relieve students from notifying the college of attendance at previous institutions nor of the need to submit transcripts indicating all previous course work attempted.

Academic Fresh Start Form

Academic Fresh Start Form must be completed and signed prior to enrolling.  Completed forms should be submitted to the Director of Student Information Services during the admissions process.  Students should not register for classes before receiving official notification of the Academic Fresh Start decision.

Individual Approval add

Individual Approval Admission

A person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and who did not graduate from a high school or obtained a Certificate of High School Equivalency may be considered for admission by Individual Approval.  A request for admission by Individual Approval should be submitted to the Office of Student Information Services.  If approved, the following limitations and conditions will be placed on the students enrollment:

  1. An official Hill College transcript will not be issued until the student has either passed the Certificate of High School Equivalency exam or completed fifteen (15) semester hours of college level courses with a GPA of 2.0 or better 
  2. Placement testing may be required in order to determine the student’s readiness for the college’s curricular offerings. 
  3. Other limitations and conditions may be established by the College based on assessments.
  4. No Financial Aid is available to a student that is considered for Admissions under Individual Approval

Individual Approval Form

Continuing Education/Corporate Training add

Continuing Education/Corporate Training

Continuing Education provides continuing education units (non-credit) courses.  These courses provide a quick and flexible response to business, industry, and student needs for intensive preparatory, supplemental, or upgrade training and education and have specific occupational and/or apprenticeship training objectives. Related courses can be grouped together in a program that will result in a college certificate and/or a state/national license or certification. Continuing Education courses are also often designed for leisure-learning opportunities.

Specialized Programs of Study
Certified Nurse Aid
Certified Medication Aide
Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
Pharmacy Technician
Message Therapy Program

See the Continuing Education/Corporate Training website for more information...