Students have the right to know:

  • What financial aid programs are available
  • The deadline for submitting the application for each of the programs
  • How financial aid is distributed
  • Costs of attending the institution
  • What resources are considered in the calculation of financial need
  • The institutions refund policy
  • The good standing and satisfactory progress guidelines for aid recipient

Students are responsible for:

  • Completing all forms accurately and by the published deadlines
  • Submitting information requested by the financial aid staff in a timely manner
  • Keeping the financial aid office informed of any changes in address, name, martial status, financial situation, and/or change in student status
  • Reporting to the financial aid office any additional assistance from non institutional sources such as scholarships or educational benefits
  • Notifying the financial aid office of a change in enrollment status
  • Maintaining satisfactory academic progress
  • Re-applying each year for aid


Student Complaints

Hill College is committed to its mission of providing high quality comprehensive educational programs and services and recognizes that in order to do so in an efficient and effective manner, students must feel confident that an expressed complaint or grievance will be addressed in a fair and professional manner.

Informal Process

Hill College encourages student to discuss their concerns with the appropriate instructor or other campus administrator who has the authority to address the concerns.  Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible.       

Formal Process

A student may initiate the formal process by timley filing a Hill College Student Complaint Form. The Hill College Student Complaint Form may be filed by hand-delivery, electronic communicattions including email and fax, or U.S. Mail.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details regarding the Formal process.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Student Complaints Procedure

If you have completed the respective process and feel that your complaint or grievance remains unresolved, you may file a student complaint through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).