About the Lab

The skills and simulation lab provide a learning environment for students to:

  • Initiate and master basic nursing skills
  • Demonstrate application and knowledge of theoretical concepts
  • Develop sound clinical reasoning

Students learn the skill sets needed through a variety of activities ranging from demonstrations to simulated patient experiences.

Defining Simulation:

“Activities that mimic the reality of a clinical environment and are designed to demonstrate procedures, decision-making and critical thinking through techniques such as, role-playing and the use of devices such as interactive videos or manikins. A simulation may be very detailed and closely imitate reality, or it can be a grouping of components that are combined to provide some semblance of reality”

Simulation is divided into three domains: low, moderate and high fidelity.

  • Low: The practicing of skills in isolation.
  • Moderate: Provides realism however, user is not immersed in circumstance (listening to breath sounds).
  • High: The learner is able to immersive themselves in a structured learning experience that is as realistic as can be to the clinical environment, with the manikin producing physiological responses based on student interaction.

For more information please visit the Texas Board of Nursing position statements page.

Lab Equipment and Simulators

  • Sim Man
  • Sim Baby
  • Noelle
  • Victoria
  • Adult Vital Sim
  • Pediatric Vital Sim
  • Vital Sim Baby
  • IV Arm Task Trainers
  • IV Blood Pressure trainers
  • Newborn Assessment Manikin
  • Breast Modules