Program Summary

The Hill College Welding Program offers comprehensive training in a hot job market. Students can choose from several program options including a Certificate in Basic Arc Welding and an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Hill College is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help students get a jump start on their careers. With hands-on curriculum, students are given experience that exceeds what a classroom can teach.

In conjunction with this program, Hill College offers continuing education courses in the welding field to update existing skills or for special projects.

Welding courses are offered at Hill County and Johnson County Campuses.

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Basic Arc Welding Skills
Certificate of Completion 
16 credit hours

Semi-Automatic Welding
Certificate of Completion 
16 credit hours

Special Arc Welding Skills
Certificate of Completion   
31 credit hours            

Welding Technology
Certificate of Technology
45 credit hours

Welding Technology
Associate of Applied Science 
60 credit hours  

Welding Education Plan

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will be able to:

Apply knowledge of industrial safety standards to both field and factory environments.

Demonstrate proficiency in multiple welding processes and principles of fabrication.

Apply knowledge of the characteristics of metallurgy to industrial joining techniques, material joining processes, and manufacturing standards.

Understand professional, ethical, and social responsibilities and their implications related to the practice of welding technology in a global/social context.

Use workplace skills to promote profit, product, and service quality as related to the welding industry.



Hill County Campus Tool List

Johnson County Campus Tool List


Joe Price
Program Coordinator 
Wallace Campus, Hillsboro
(254) 659-7984

Dave Fredrick
Instructor/Cleburne Tech. Center
(817) 760-5555

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