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Program Summary

The drama department at Hill College has a rich history of performance and scholarship.  Students are engaged in theatre history, acting for the stage, and design projects for classes and productions.  We are a small department, committed to the success of each student and seeking to provide a well-rounded theatre education for our graduates as they move on to four-year universities and careers.  The size of the department is an advantage for students, allowing them more stage time in productions and more individual instruction from faculty.


Jenny Corder
Drama Instructor/Director
Hill College Players
112 Lamar Drive
Hillsboro, TX  76645

Courses Offered
Introduction to Theatre
Acting I
Acting II
Stagecraft I
Stagecraft II
Intro. to Costume
Theatre Practicum I - IV
Musical Theatre I
Academic Cooperative
Dev. of Motion Picture I
Dev. of Motion Picture II

Course Syllabi
DRAM 1310
DRAM 1351
DRAM 1352
DRAM 1330
DRAM 2331
DRAM 1342
DRAM 1341
DRAM 2389
DRAM 2366
DRAM 2367
DRAM 1161
DRAM 1320
DRAM 1321
DRAM 2220
DRAM 2121

The Vara Martin Daniel PAC is a well-equipped modified proscenium stage with an auditorium that seats around 400 spectators.  There is ample opportunity both in the PAC and around the campus for exploring various aspects of theatrical design and production.  The theatre has four lighting bars with Source Four instruments and an Innovator lighting board, as well as a multi-channel sound system.  The Performing Arts Center opened an addition to our building in spring 2014, giving the music and drama departments much needed classroom, storage, rehearsal, and workshop space.  The theatre gained two dressing rooms, costume, prop, and tool storage, and a large workshop, giving students the space and opportunity to work on designs for classes and productions.

Scholarships are available for both drama majors and non-majors.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of experience, ability, and recommendations. Please fill out your scholarship application to the Hill College Drama Department here.  

Please return your completed scholarship form by May 1 (for the fall semester) or by November 1 (for the spring semester). 

Mail your completed form to:

Jenny Corder
Hill College Drama
112 Lamar Drive
Hillsboro, TX

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