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Program Summary

The Music program at Hill College offers the full first two years of academic study for majors in music as well as opportunities for elective students and community members to study and perform as part of a program of lifetime learning. Music majors are expected to perform academically and musically at a level that will prepare them sufficiently for study at the university level.

  • Program offered on the Hill County Campus
  • Online course available
  • Students/teacher ratios provide individual attention
  • Computer Assisted Instruction with a Dedicated Music Lab
  • A Variety of Choral and Instrumental Ensemble Performance Opportunities

Degree Offered

Scholarship Information

Music scholarships are awarded to students who participate in band and choir. Non-majors as well as majors are eligible for music scholarships and eligibility is based on ability, experience, attitude and recommendations.

Choir Scholarship
Band Scholarship

Music Major Transfer Classes

  • Applied Music
  • Ensembles
  • Elementary Sight-singing & Ear Training
  • Techniques of Woodwind Instruments
  • Techniques of Brass Instruments
  • Techniques of Percussion Instruments
  • Vocal Diction
  • Survey of Music Literature
  • Elementary Harmony
  • Intermediate Sight-singing & Ear Training
  • Intermediate Harmony

Applied Music

  • Piano
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Voice

Non-Major Music Courses

  • Class Guitar
  • Class Piano
  • Class Voice
  • Ensembles
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Music Appreciation
  • American Popular Music


Instrumental ensembles include:  Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and Hood’s Texas Brigade Brass Band.  These groups give at least two concerts per year and play at home basketball games. They also perform at the State Fair of Texas, at area schools and for community activities. Membership is open to any student with previous band experience or by approval of the director.
Vocal ensembles include:  Chorale, Vocal Ensemble, Men’s and Women’s Ensembles. All groups are in demand for programs and perform several concerts each year beginning with the State Fair of Texas. Membership is open to any student with previous choral experience or by approval of the director.

Brad Bolick
Instructor, Music/Program Coordinator

Shirley Erickson
Music Instructor
Office Hours

All avaliable Master Syllabi will be located in MyRebel
MUEN 1131
MUEN 1134
MUEN 1151
MUEN 1154
MUEN 1155
MUEN 2124
MUEN 2125
MUEN 2143
MUSI 1116
MUSI 1117
MUSI 1181 & 1182
MUSI 1183 & 1184
MUSI 1192 & 1193
MUSI 1262
MUSI 1306
MUSI 1308
MUSI 1309
MUSI 1310
MUSI 1311
MUSI 1312
MUSI 2116
MUSI 2117
MUSI 2181 & 2182
MUSI 2183 & 2184
MUSI 2311
MUSI 2312

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